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16 October 2019 - News

Children have their say on girls' rights

Newspaper clipping.

Save the Children supports the New Vision newspaper to produce a weekly supplement called “Newspapers in Education,” which gets children’s views on topical issues and aims to encourage children to read. This week’s issue focused on International Day of the Girl and asked primary school children across Uganda how we can achieve girls’ rights.

Here are some of their answers:

“To ensure that girls have equal rights, they should be taken to school.” - Eria, from Moroto

“We should appoint girls to leadership positions, especially as prefects in schools.” - Mercy, from Hoima

“Parents should treat all children equally. Boys should also do household chores such as cooking, which are usually left to girls.” – John, from Rukungiri

“Schools should organise counselling and guidance sessions for girls to help them know their rights.” – Patience, from Hoima

 “Girls and boys have equal rights. Girls should equally access education, just like boys.” – Sarah, from Moroto

“Enforce strict laws against child marriage to give girls a chance to get education” – Mavis, from Sheema

“Girls need to be protected from sexual harassment and exploitation.” – Sharon, from Moroto

“Girls should be encouraged to take up leadership roles such as head prefectship, which are mostly taken up by boys.” –Nicole, from Masindi

“Setting up vocational schools for girls, especially those that drop out of school, will make them realise their rights.” – Obama, from Hoima

“Girls should be encouraged to do the same jobs as boys. That way they will be empowered.” – Bridget, from Bunyangabu

“Girls should be provided with basic needs such as sanitary pads., so that they stay in school for a bright future.” – Mary, from Moroto

“More girls’ schools should be set up to enable them to get more training in different skills and get empowered.” – Patrick, from Hoima

“Women should be elevated to leadership positions, such as the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.” – Linnet, from Rukunugiri

“Girls should be given freedom of speech, especially during the school activities such as debates for them to air out their views.” – Samuel, from Luwero

“Allow women to raise their voices and be listened to even in Parliament” – Delight, from Sheema

The "Newspapers in Education" supplement is produced thanks to support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)